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Designer Larraine and her inspiration

Designer Larraine and her inspiration

As a long time rescue volunteer in the Vancouver area of B.C. I had a lot of opportunities to observe our pets’ eating habits and problems. In 1986 her vet suggested raising her cat’s dish to prevent her chronic vomiting of meals, that simple modification solved the problem and the first Raised pet dish was born! It was a shallow desert dish on top of a 4″ Terracotta plant pot. I designed the current dishes from that shape. Over the years since then they have evolved into the seven sizes/models available today, with additional benefits for our pets, that became apparent over time.

She was soon being asked to make them for the pets of friends and family. A website was designed and the demand for the dishes soon created a full time endeavor for her.

There are ‘copies’ of her dishes made by other sellers now, however they are smaller, lighter weight, deeper than necessary, and much shorter, with no color or size choices. But very affordable for these reasons, and their much lower labour costs.

A substantial portion from all sales of this product is donated to Animal Rescue Groups. Dishes/Bowls are also donated on occasion for their fund raising events.

I hope you and your pets enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed creating them. It is so gratifying to have produced such a beneficial product for our little companions.